So you booked me for your wedding? Yay! I am excited! Time to plan your engagement session!

 First of all, I would like to say relax!  

Planing your engagement session is a big part of my job. I carefully select the location, theme, and even the outfits.

Yes! I will be sending you outfit ideas and you can share with me what you have in your wardrobe and on your mind.

 I believe these four things have to click together: season, location, theme & tones, and your outfits.

I will carefully work them out to make your engagement pictures beyond perfect and unique! 

5 reasons why engagement sessions are important.

It feels like a long time before your big day, but is it really? Times flies, you know.

And this period of being engaged can be as  joyful as well as overwhelming and stressful.

Engagement session is a good reason to spend a quality time together, stop for a little moment

and enjoy being engaged in anticipation of the future marriage.

So here are several reasons why I truly believe in the value of an engagement session!


  I get to know you

Engagement sessions are a great chance for me to get to know you. It will help me to understand you,

find the best poses that shows your best features and your feel as a couple.

So I am even more prepared for your wedding!

I will take note of how you interact with each other and your individual personalities.

All these will help me to capture moments on the wedding day that are unique to just two of you. 


You get to know me

 On your wedding day I will be with you for so many hours 

so having someone you feel comfortable around is a huge advantage. 

And after all I think it would be super awkward to have a person walk in to your dressing room and say:

"Hello I am Anastasia and I will be following you all day".

You can practice before your wedding

Most of my couples have never done any professional photoshoots before

and they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

And that is totally fine! It’s normal to feel uncertain in the beginning.

When we start an engagement session, I tell the couple a few things in the beginning

about what is going to happen in order make them feel at ease, and while it may take a few minutes to become relaxed,

we always get to the point where their true personalities come alive.

I am amazed how people change only after one session.You will have the chance to work on your posing,

get more comfortable with the idea of having someone taking pictures of you all day

and focus on just the two of you!


Hair & Makeup trial

An engagement session is an amazing opportunity to give your hair and makeup a trial run for the big day!

You will see how the camera reflects your makeup, this will help you to realize what you want to change with your hair and makeup  on your  actual wedding pictures, if necessary. 

Makeup in real life and makeup in pictures is a totally different thing!


Engagement pictures have a multitude of different uses

You can use your engagement pictures on Save The Dates, slide shows, wall decor and your social media!

I truly believe in power of engagement sessions, so please book in advance

 because it is quite hard to find a spot during fall and spring seasons.

 Contact me here! Can't wait to start capturing your story!